qithara alsalam company

مجموعة عماد

Audio equipment and microphones

Where headphones, earphones, performance, production, conference and meeting, professional microphones

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professional sound systems

Professional sound can include, but is not limited to, radio broadcasting and mastering the sound in a recording studio, television studio, and live concerts.

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conference system

Important speech is only as good as the technology that conveys it reliably and clearly. During parliamentary debates, multilingual meetings

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public sound systems

From professional sound reproduction to complex site supervision, TOA sound alarm systems offer built-in versatility and reliability.

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Qitara Al Salam Electronics & Equipment Trading Company (Qithar Al Salam) was established in 1998 as a separate entity to handle the requirements of audio, IT and transmission systems solutions.
We have two branches in Iraq for electronics trading in Erbil and the capital Baghdad, and distributors all over the country.
And a branch in China and Turkey for trade and transportation
Agents and distributors for several international companies
Since its early beginnings, Qithar Al Salam Company has grown exponentially, and today it is a leading systems integrator offering a wide range of solutions including life security, CCTV security, PA systems, cinema and theater sound systems, and club and concert equipment.
In today's fast-paced business environment, organizations need continuous improvement in order to stay ahead. Our business improvement services ensure the coordinated and efficient operation of business organizations using the latest information technology resources.